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Allstar Audio turns 30! Help us celebrate!

The last couple years have been a wild ride. With the country's economy in turmoil, and live events slowing down, we are fortunate to be in the survivor category. We have continued to service our loyal customers brave enough to continue forward, all of with the possitive feeling that it can only get better. I think 2014 can be a turning point for all of the country, and look forward to working with all of you in the near future.

We continue to provide a one stop solution, and can bring all the aspects of a live event to fruition. When you need a quality, reliable source of live event technology, please give Allstar Audio a chance at earning your business!

Allstar Audio

You're one stop production shop!

Our New D.A.S. Line array speaker systems continue to amaze us all with the quality and ease of use they afford us. Not only does this equipment sound incredible, it is easy to hang, and constantly gets possitive comments on the sound from our clients, and audiences. Amp racks have become a thing of the past. I cannot wait to install these systems, and just listen.

All available for touring in 2014 so call us!

To all of our client's, we deeply appreciate all of your loyality and trust in choosing Allstar Audio! We appreciate your business, many friendships, and continued loyalty!

See you this year! Thank you all!

God Bless!

Mike Borne


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It will be ready soon.

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